The three-hectare school campus is secured by a high wall and gated reception. The school premises are equipped with:

✧ 10 Dormitories (5 male & 5 female)✧ Kitchen & bakery
✧ 28 Classrooms✧ Residential homes for administrative staff
✧ 2 large playing fields✧ 24 hour security guards
Our library is fitted with 80 study stations and contains over 15,000 books
A separate computer lab is equipped with modern laptops for computer science studies
Our state-of-the-art laboratory is 21 x 10 metres and seats 40 students. Equipped with sinks, Bunsen burners, microscopes, flasks, test tubes, acids and chemicals and numerous specimins, the lab enables students to conduct practicals and experiments in chemistry, biology and physics departments. 
The school is also equipped with an infirmary