Our Philosophy

At FBHS we welcome and teach all young people without any social, racial or religious distinction. We offer a sound and wholesome education, as our primary purpose is to mould the whole person: body, character, mind and spirit. This is why, in addition to the subjects on the general curriculum, we also encourage students to participate in our many broader activities such as outdoor activities, debating, talks, conferences and the running of the various school clubs and the school cooperative. These activities also help in integrating and socialising the students, enabling them to flourish in society when they eventually leave the school. 

Particularly in our facility as a boarding school we also strive to build a firm relationship with parents, as well as training our students, in order to facilitate excellent school performance and commendable moral character. We create an environment in which young people can discover their hidden talents and develop to reach their maximum potential. Thus our objective is to broaden our students’ minds and teach them to make good choices independently and thereby find the capacity to assume responsibility in future. 

To attain these goals at FBHS we place a strong emphasis on disciplin. We are fully conscious that effective teaching cannot take place in a chaotic and disorderly environment where students are unruly and unrestrained. We maintain that, through the right discipline, a child develops self-confidence, love and respect for others, a taste for hard work and a genuine appreciation of the importance of cultivating good moral values. In summary, we strive to provide our young people with sound knowledge and teaching, combined with moral virtues deeply rooted in godly fear. Our goal is to develop young people with critical and constructive minds who endeavour to seek truth, love and excellence – to strive for the best.