More About FBHS

Fultang Bilingual High School is a co-educational boarding and day school located in Nkongsamba, Cameroon.

FBHS is primarily a boarding school however day students are also admitted into all classes from the first form to sixth form. We are a co-educational school welcoming both boys and girls, and as a bilingual school we have both Anglophone and Francophone sections. The school is located in a peaceful setting, nestling between Manengouba Mountain to the northwest and Nlonako Mountain to the southeast – conveniently only 0.5km from GBHS Nkongsamba (in Quarter 5, Mbaressoumtou Rail). 

The stunning scenery surrounding the school provides a calm environment conducive to study, far from the turbulent Nkongsamba urban centre, despite that the centre is within easy reach. The fresh valley climate is filled with the sweet fragrance of the rich and diverse surrounding greenery, providing a perfect studious environment fit for hard work and inviting concentration – a combination that inevitably yields success. In short, FBHS and its surroundings provide the perfect setting for maximum academic performance and challenge students to attain exceptional achievements.